Antler King’s focus has ALWAYS been to develop and provide products, advice, and proven PROGRAMS that will GROW, ATTRACT, and KEEP deer on your property. We take pride in offering quality products PERIOD!

Hunter Safety System, Inc. was born out of a love for hunting and a desire to keep all tree stand hunters safe. Even so, it took a near-death experience to provide the impetus for the creation of the HSS harness.

ElimiShield® now offers the industry’s first , direct-to-skin scent control with its CoreTM Body Foam, utilizing a proprietary nanotechnology.ElimiShield® HUNT Core™ Body Foam is powerful, yet is gentle on skin with an alcohol-free formula.

Buy.Sell.Trade.Shoot.Shop.Train. That's pretty all the names of our games. We offer it all here at Joplin Centerfire. Whether you're visiting our retail and indoor range facility or shopping with us online, Joplin Centerfire strives to fulfill all of your shooting, training and firearms industry-related retail needs.

KUIU is obsessed with engineering the world's most innovative performance hunting gear. Our founder, Jason Hairston, had a vision for hunting gear that pushed the boundaries of performance, ultralight weight, and technology development. KUIU lives that vision every day with our customers and employees.

New geometry increases cam efficiencies and enhances the effects of 3D damping to create the most stable, stealthy platform we’ve ever built. It holds like a target bow, while maintaining the maneuverability of a compact hunting rig.

Our CEO and Chief Engineer, Matt McPherson, and his team bring over 50 years of archery and design experience to this endeavor, while our state-of-the-art manufacturing ensures their vision is executed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Design, Develop, Test, Repeat– this is the maxim of our Redline Team. Our bow sights, quivers, stabilizers are born from these elements and thus are some of the most lightweight, rugged, feature-rich, yet affordable bow hunting accessories on the market.

Making you a better, more educated, more prepared hunter. SPYPOINT is constantly refining and advancing The Mobile Scouting Solution to offer our customers the best and most complete scouting program we can.

49 years ago Mel Stanislawski invented the triggerless backtension release aid. Ever since, his namesake company has been leading the way in release aid performance and technology. Last year we launched the innovative PerfeX handle platform that supports both Thumb and Resistance activated mechanism.

With Trophyline’s first inception in 1961, the Green family took the hunting community by storm and the Tree Saddle rapidly became a family sporting tradition generation ahead of its’ time. Every publication and avid hunter began talking about this all new innovative hunting solution, it was the beginning of the Trophyline Community that drove us to bring Trophyline back!