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H O M E T H E   C R E W V I D E O T H E   L A T E S T C O N T A C T




Elite Hunter
50lbs. 25.5" Draw
I've grown up around hunting and shooting bows, and have to say I LOVE my Elite Hunter! It's super easy for me to draw, and hold when waiting for a deer to give me a shot. Not to mention accurate... I can definitely hold my own when shooting against dad.


Custom Bow Equipment Sniper Pro 3-Pin
Dad always tells me that we owe it to the animals we hunt to use the very best equipment to help get the job done. My CBE Sniper definitely has helped me to become deadly accurate.


QAD (Quality Archery Designs) Ultra Rest HDX
I love that fact that when I'm in the treestand and a deer walks in that I don't have any concerns about my arrow falling off the rest. Too many other things are going thru my head at that moment like "pick a spot", instead of worrying about my gear.


Easton Axis Arrows
I need all the help I can get with penetration!!! With what little I do know about arrows, it makes since for me to shoot a small diameter shaft that packs a punch. When dad and I tested the Axis shafts against regular diameter carbon shafts, we noticed about 8"s more penetration out of the Axis shafts... just gives me confidence when shooting a deer!


Dead Ringer Rampage 1.5" 3 Blade
I can finally shoot a bigger diameter head and feel like I can get some serious penetration!!! The Rampages are a hybrid head that cut a 7/8" hole going in and swing open to a 1.5" cut inside the body cavity giving me a huge exit hole!!!! Business end of what I do!!!


Elite 1-piece design
I'm pretty rough on my gear according to dad, so for the Elite quiver to hold my arrows in place and then hold up to my rough necking... it's gotta be good! :)

Elite Archery 7" Stabilizer
At first I didn't even understand what a stabilizer was for... that is until I put Elites on my bow. Dad added a small weight to the end of it and what a difference it made in helping me stay steady on my target.


It just feels good putting it on! This means we are heading out to hunt, and just knowing the deer will have a really hard time picking us out. Dad says, arrows fly and deer die when we wear Realtree!

Scent Elimination:

Just For Bucks
Dad and I are always making sure to slip in and out of our treestands with the wind in our favor, but it never seems to fail... one deer will end up getting downwind! We take extra care of our cloths, but dad also makes sure we take showers before every hunt using Just For Bucks products. It has saved our behinds more than once!

Safety Harness:

Hunter Safety System
Here is where we draw the line. There's a rule at our house... we DO NOT crawl up into a treestand without a Hunter Safety System. Last season, dad started putting the lifeline in all of our stands, so we are attached to the tree 100% of the time! This gives me a good feeling when climbing, sitting, and then climbing down.


Barnett Ghost 385
I LOVE these things!!! By far one of the coolest weapons I've ever shot, and they are crazy fast and accurate!!! I can't wait to head into the timber this season with my Ghost 385!!!
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