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H O M E T H E   C R E W V I D E O T H E   L A T E S T C O N T A C T




Elite Answer
70 lbs. 29.5” Draw
I can honestly say that I shoot the Elite Bows BETTER than anything I have shot in the past. Bar none, without a doubt, THE superior bow.


Custom Bow Equipment TEK Hunter Pro
Man I fell in love with this sight as soon as I bolted it onto my Elite! This thing is ultra-rugged and precision made. With the new Rhino Pins and Armed Guard Fiber Management System I'm ready to rock when it comes time to ADRENALIZE an animal!!!


QAD (Quality Archery Designs) Ultra Rest HDX
I am a HUGE fan of fall away rests, and the Ultra Rest HDX in a class by itself. No other fall away rest delivers this level of containment and arrow clearance is an absolute non issue. When the shot of lifetime presents itself shoot a QAD!


Easton Axis Arrows
I love this design with a smaller shaft diameter. This means deeper penetration. Also, with a thicker wall than other carbon arrows, Easton Axis Arrows will have a much faster shaft recovery and a ton of long range kinetic energy. In other words, Easton Axis Arrows will bring home more BUCKS!!!


Dead Ringer Rampage 2" 2 Blade
Think about this... the broadhead is the business end of any bowhunters rig. I was fortunate enough to be one of the first bowhunters on the planet to put these heads to the test. After doing a steel drum test against other popular heads and seeing how they blew away the competition, it was a no brainer to start screwing Dead Ringer Broadheads on the end of my shafts!!!! These things are truly a hybrid, and the new revolution in broadheads has begun!!!!


Elite 1-piece design
By far the best I have ever used. This thing is light weight, tough as nails, with a quiet rock solid design. Everything stays tight and arrows stay in place even under the harshest conditions

Elite Archery 11" Stabilizer
Elite Archery 11" Stabilizer: Stabilizers are often over looked by bow hunters, but make a huge difference is accuracy!! Elite stepped up and partnered with Stokerized Aiming Solutions and Doinker to create a high end, technologically advanced stabilizer that makes me a better shooter!


The one and only! All of the Realtree patterns literally blend into their intended surroundings. Trust me, I have been saved more than once by the ‘Ol Realtree. I just can’t say enough great things about this camo. Big Bucks will fall if you use Realtree!

Scent Elimination:

Just For Bucks
I make a living fooling a Whitetail Deers nose and have to have a product that helps make that happen. I've actually been working and testing Just For Bucks and Just For Does for the past couple of years and am very confident in the performance of this product. They have a complete line of shampoo's and conditioners, along with a field spray, and yes I use the complete system!

Safety Harness:

Hunter Safety System
First and foremost, SAFETY FIRST! I’m telling you, that none of us at Adrenaline Junkies climb into a tree without a Hunter Safety System on. There are so many cool features on this thing, that I pretty much use it as my “bowhunting” vest. I carry my wind detector, calls, scents, etc. in the pockets, so they in an “easy to reach” location if I need them instantly. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t use a hunter safety system?


Big Game Platinum Collection
There's plenty to choose from with Big Game Treestands, but if you were to ask my personal favorite, it would be the Prodigy from the Platinum Collection. I sit hundreds of hours every deer season waiting for a familiar buck to come within my wheel house. I need a stand that is quality, quiet, comfortable, and safe!!! I have all three with Big Game Treestands!!!
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