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H O M E T H E   C R E W V I D E O T H E   L A T E S T C O N T A C T

  Shane Yearian

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Years Hunted
25 years

Favorite Game:  Whitetail and Mountain Goat

Favorite Hunt: 2004, Mountain Goat Hunt in British Columbia - most extreme thing I have ever done

Preferred Weapon: Bow

  2010 Kill: 160 in., 9 pt. and 186" 14 pt. Whitetail
and 330" 6x6 Elk and 75" Antelope

  Weight: 240 lbs., FD

You think you know how short life is but it doesn't hit you until you loose someone that you love. Life is so fragile and I found this out the hard way on 5/4/12 when I lost my 5 month old son Hunter to to SIDS. My life was turned upside down on that day and I didn't know how I was going to make it with out him. I had everything planned already from playing catch, shooting our bows to driving a car and that all vanished, but I realized that God need him more than I did and that I needed to keep going for my daughter, wife, family and friends. Things are still really tough and they probably won't ever feel as perfect as they did before that day but we will keep trying. I don't know if I will ever get the opportunity to harvest another animal but this year and the rest of my hunting life is dedicated to Hunter. I hope that if anything good can come of this that everyone will understand how short life really is and just appreciate the little things in life because you might not be here tomorrow. I love you Hunty and I can't wait to shoot our bows, I'd give all back to get you back.



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