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H O M E T H E   C R E W V I D E O T H E   L A T E S T C O N T A C T




Elite Hunter
50lbs. 25.5" Draw
They're light, smooth, comfortable to shoot, and ultra fast! The name "Elite" says it all!


Trophy Ridge MICRO ALPHA V3
This vertical 3 pin sight is right up my alley! Its light weight and with the vertical pins, nothing obstructs my view!


Trophy Ridge Revolution
The Ultimate full capture drop away rest that's fast, super quiet, and durable. By far the best rest I've ever shot!


Trophy Ridge 550 CRUSH Arrows
Straight and tough are the key words here! With the smaller diameter shaft, they penetrate deeper than anything I have shot in the past


G5 Striker 100gr.
100% Steel Tough with a 1 1/8th cutting diameter Sharp, Sharp, Scary Sharp!! These blades are so sharp, they scare me EVERY time I screw them on my arrows… that's why I have Kyle do it ;-)!


Elite 1-piece design
I want light weight, super durable, quiet, and easy to remove. Elite's quivers are exactly that!

Obviously!!! Not only the best camo on the planet, but also some of the cutest womens clothing with their Real Girl line of apparel.

Scent Elimination:

Just For Does
Everyone knows scent eliminating products dry your hair and skin terribly. With�a cosmetology background I want the best hair and skin products available today. I also want to Bowhunt without having to make sacrafice! Just For Does has me covered!

Safety Harness:

Hunter Safety System
Safety is more important than dropping the hammer on a good buck, period. Kyle and I not only firmly believe in this, but also feel secure enough with Hunter Safety System to have our kids wearing them when they are up the tree with us.


Nikon EDG 8x42
Nikon Archers Choice Rangefinder

We use the Nikon EDG Bino's for one reason… we can see better in low light. That in itself makes them worth every penny. We also use the "Archers Choice" range finder, which makes for the ultimate combination between glassing and ranging.
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