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H O M E T H E   C R E W V I D E O T H E   L A T E S T C O N T A C T

Kyle and I have been married for 15 years. We live in the heart of the Midwest outside a small town in IL with our 2 children Logan and Jessie, and our 3 legged dog Trec (which means “3” in Spanish). We are a working Midwest family leading average lives. Before owning a retail bow shop and shooting range, Kyle worked as a sheet metal worker for 15 years and I have been a hair stylist now for the same amount of years.


  The Adrenaline Family

The Adrenaline Family
As a young boy Kyle would listen to his Grandpa’s hunting stories for hours dreaming that someday he would have the same experiences. At age 12 his Mom bought him his 1st compound bow and 2 years later he harvested his 1st animal, a small doe. Since that day, hunting has become a very important part of his life. After 25 years of bow hunting Kyle is very fortunate that he was able to turn his childhood dreams into a successful career with Adrenaline Outdoors Productions.

When Kyle and I met, I was not that interested in hunting. I was raised on the golf course and golf had been my focus growing up. However, it didn’t take long for me to feel the thrill of hunting as Kyle does.

Our son Logan is following in his Dad’s footsteps and is really starting to love the sport. After experiencing the hunt for himself and harvesting a couple of animals in the past few years, he looks forward to spending time with us in the outdoors whether he is hunting or just observing. He also loves to fish, catch frogs, and play with snakes. In the past few years he has shown an interest in the sport of golf as well. If it has to do with the outdoors, Logan is definitely all about it.



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The Adrenaline Family
Jessie, on the other hand, doesn’t feel quite the same. Like most girls her age, she loves to dance, tumble and sing. But she is actually following in her Dad’s footsteps, in a different way... for the love of music and entertaining! For those of you that know Kyle, you know that he can play a mean guitar! Although she has been hunting with us, she has yet to experience the adrenaline you get with a successful hunt. Hopefully someday she will catch that hunting fever!


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